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FinTech Registry
Advance Intelligence Pte. Ltd.
Singapore - FinTech - Other

A leading AI company that provides digital transformation, fraud prevention, and process automation solutions for enterprise clients. A leader in ...
APIX Platform
Singapore - FinTech - Other

APIX is a collaborative innovation platform that empowers Financial Institutions to accelerate their innovation journey through collaboration with ...
Aquariux Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other

A Fintech as a Service (FaaS) Firm, Providing B2B Trading Solutions
Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd
Country - FinTech - Other

Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., the largest media conglomerate prides itself in being a powerhouse of successful Brands, built on a journey of 180+ ...
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Boxo is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of Super Apps globally. We enable the seamless integration of a range of value-added services, such ...
Carta Asia Private Limited
United States - FinTech - Other

Carta is a provider of equity management solutions to start ups, and fund administration for investors (VC, PE, FO etc.). Carta has raised $1.1B USD ...
Celusion Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.
India - FinTech - Other

We are a software company that develop Enterprise Applications leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our team of highly skilled & innovative ...
Digital Business People Pte. Ltd.
Singapore - FinTech - Other

DBP is a technology outsourcing firm helping brands and businesses’ digital transformation with a key focus on omni-channel customer experience and ...
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Dobin, a fintech firm headquartered in Singapore, is an innovative financial platform dedicated to empowering consumers across Southeast Asia to ...
Vietnam - FinTech - Other

EAERA represents a significant leap forward in the financial services industry, offering a comprehensive omnichannel CRM/Backoffice solution that ...
EkkBaz Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other

AI powered B2B FinTech SaaS platform.
Estheia Pte. Ltd.
Singapore - FinTech - Other

The M&A Compass is developing a data solution to predict the M&A intentions of companies leveraging AI methodologies and a thematic analysis ...
Facebook Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Country - FinTech - Other
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Training, consulting and AI for Finance teams in banks and trading firms
Glee Trees Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other

We are a technology innovator specializing in cognitive automation (automating business processes through Artificial Intelligence) we call “Gleematic ...
Country - FinTech - Other
Max Now Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other gives our customers a free vacation every year! We help you find the best credit card to use anywhere you shop, and double dip to earn your ...
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Moneythor provides an all-in-one personalisation engine for financial services that delivers actionable data-driven insights, recommendations, and ...
ONEPIP (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Singapore - FinTech - Other

ONEPIP was founded in 2012 and is based in Singapore, with operations established in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. The company is licensed as a Major ...
Pinely Markets Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Pinely is a quantitative algorithmic trading firm, privately owned and funded. We trade on the world's financial markets using our in-housed ...
Scv Research And Development Pte. Ltd.
Country - FinTech - Other
Smile Technology Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Smile provides income and employment data across platforms and employers, all through a single API. Banks, fintechs, recruitment agencies, and other ...
Spark Systems Pte Ltd
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Spark Systems are builders of next generation;fast, smart and efficient trading platforms. We believe that the current foreign exchange buy and sell ...
Staple Ai Pte Ltd
Country - FinTech - Other
Stemly Pte Ltd
Country - FinTech - Other
Singapore - FinTech - Other

Concentrating primarily on financial services industry, TASPro Technologies is laser focused on delivering purpose built IT systems for financial ...
Singapore - FinTech - Other

At UPTICK, our commitment lies in supporting individuals in propelling their careers within the dynamic realm of Banking and Financial Services. ...
Yolo Technology Pte. Ltd.
Country - FinTech - Other

We have established ourselves in the Philippines with approximately 3 million users and believe we can transform the hiring landscape in Singapore. ...